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For questions regarding registration, please contact our registration team at 1-224-563-3131 or email them directly at indiangaming@compusystems.com.

Hotel Contacts

Contact our official housing vendor, Connections Housing at 866-503-6442 or visit online here.




Ryan Lee
Marketing Coordinator
Phone: 203-274-9219

Ed Gallo, Show Director/Director of Sales

Email: egallo@urban-expo.com
Phone: 203-521-2538

Courtney Muller, Executive Advisor

Email: cmuller@urban-expo.com
Phone: 203-559-4497

Glenn Celentano, Vice President of Operations

Email: gcelentano@urban-expo.com
Phone: 203-484-8052

Mary-Charlotte Grayson, Tradeshow Coordinator

National Indian Gaming Association
Email: mcgrayson@indiangaming.org
Phone: 202-546-7711

Andrea Tencza, Marketing Director

Email: atencza@urban-expo.com
Phone: 203-484-8051

Samantha Grimaldi, Senior Marketing Manager

Email: sgrimaldi@urban-expo.com
Phone: 203-242-8123

April 17 - 20, 2018
Las Vegas Convention Center